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About Us

Mike McLaughlin

After working as Packaging Development Manager at a number of Blue Chip Companies Mike set up MCpack in 2002 with the clear objective of offering clients the best support with their packaging development.

Aware of and able to interpret New and Existing Technologies Mike is able to offer realistic and eloquent solutions for his clients.

Mike has worked primarily in the FMCG Food sector but has also carried out some significant projects in other sectors such as Pharma, Detergents, Cosmetics and Toiletries.

Other projects have included Recruiting and Training Programmes in Africa.

Mike's extensive knowledge of Printing Technology ensures he is also well placed to advise on any printing requirements.

What we offer

Packaging Development

Experience working on new product launches both in the UK and overseas allows MCpack to offer full packaging development Project Management for a wide range of products.

As part of this process MCpack offers proven skills in innovation and cost optimisation.


With experience of setting up Packaging Development Departments within Purchasing, Technical or Marketing - Mike has recruited and managed a number of packaging technologists over the years.

Although training is generally via a mentoring process within a project it can also be delivered in 'classroom' modular format. The latter is especially useful if those recruited are new to the industry or 'need to know' for specific project work.

It can be extremely beneficial to a project if those team members are given an opportunity to understand the technology of the packaging to be used.

Cost Saving

In general MCpack will expect to save 10% off any current annual packaging spend - either direct or indirect.

This might be done by a combination of packaging or packaging line modifications.

Re sourcing

With the advent of the Global Market has come the possibility to buy quality packaging from around the world.

Mike has established good contacts in the EU , Middle and Far East for supply of packaging.

There are opportunities to reduce direct costs by adopting a global sourcing strategy.

MCpack is able to ensure that any benefits are realised by putting in place suitable technical controls.

Packing Line / Packaging Compatibility

All packaging lines need to be process capable in order to deliver expected profits.

Some significant projects have been undertaken to improve efficiencies at the material/ machine interface.


We Listen to the Client

Briefings for projects can come from many areas within a business and MCpack is aware of the importance of listening to the client brief and ensuring that the key requirements are understood.

We Meet The Brief

By taking care to listen to the brief the outcomes from any work that is undertaken will provide relevant solutions.

We are on Time and on Budget

MCpack will provide firm costs for the early stages of the project and approximate costs for the latter stages.

Gated stages within a project will be set up to give visibility to the overall objective. MCpack will be on time and on budget.


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April 08

The Uk is blessed by a vibrant and creative packaging industry that has been finely honed by the local retailer expectations. We all thrive within this culture of competition and change.

The UK retail model tries not only to be Environmentally honest but also to satisfy the commercial realities of the consumer and the marketplace.

At the moment the Retailers are being questioned about their power over the marketplace.

Just for a moment consider the situation without the InterRetailer competition.

There would be fragmentation in direction and purpose to a point where the status quo would thrive.

The UK packaging development sector would be moribund overnight.

Issues might exist with planning, farmers cash returns etc but for the packaging development industry the Big 5 are 'good for business'.